How Does Cash Flow Effect Your Lifestyle?

We have been trained to earn income by trading our time for dollars. Time being your most valuable asset, can you find ways to increase your cashflow without investing more time?

What Is Cash Flow To You?

Where does your biggest source of income come from?

Powerful & Easy

Employment Income

Your earn income by the hour and trade hours for dollars. You are skilled and work hard but do not have more time to earn more dollars.

Fast & Efficient

Self Employment

You are highly skilled and your hourly rates pay you more. You base your rates per piece or contract work. However you have to be there physically and your time is limited.

Ground Breaking

Franchise Income

You brought a franchise which is a brand and a system that works. You manage and run the franchise based on their fixed requirements and pay a fee to use their system.

Powerful & Easy

Business Income

You have invested capital into a business and hired skilled experts to get the job done. You have more time and cash flow based on how well the business is run.

Fast & Efficient

Network Marketing

Your market and build a distribution for a company which provides you the products,  a system. This is mainly done by the products being consumed internally by  distributors

Ground Breaking

Internet Marketing

You leverage different online marketing platforms which has low overheads. Affiliate marketing, joint ventures, digital product creation etc.

Where Do You Stand? 

Is There Another Solution?

  •     CURRENT PLAN    


Where are you at for plan A?

Where are you at this present moment? Where will you be in the next 5 years? Money works 24/7. Is it working for you or are you working for it?

If you are reading this you are open to solutions. The best way to find out is to explore what other options are available.









Plan B

Is there really another way to create income?

Most of us were taught one way to create income. That is to work for money and some of us got good at it. However if we taught other ways of creating income would we also have got good at it?

Can you really create a system, a platform to get money work for you? There may not be any guarantee's however there are other who are doing it.

If there is a system that is taught are you willing to learn and explore it?



In Business What Will Create Exponential Income?


Time & Money

Where do you stand in the role that you play today?  Is your time leveraged or are you leveraging time. Do you work for money or does money work for you? Do you feel limited, tied down, dependent on the system. What is your exit plan to create income whether you show up to work or not?.

 Money Working For You?

If you were given a choice between the 3 leveraged choices below, which system would you choose? Would you be willing to experience and see how it works? These numbers are for illustrative purposes only to give you a concept of how different leveraged systems work.

Compare the 3  service packages sold below…

If you had a choice of marketing these 3 packages below which would you pick?



/ month


/ year


/ unit sold

12 Unit Sold

Recurring Income/ Month

4 Units Sold 

/ month X 12 Month =48 units


$ 40

/ month

$ 480

/ year

$ 20

/ unit

$ 240

/ month

$ 960

/ month


$ 97

/ month

$ 1164

/ year

$ 38

/ unit

$ 456

/ month

$ 1824

/ month


$ 297

/ month

$ 3564

/ year

$ 118

/ unit

$ 1416

/ month

$ 5664

/ month


In all three packages you would have made a return on investment when you sold a unit..

. Which package would you invest in if the time invested was the same? If the cost per year remained the same, what would happen to your cash flow when more units are sold every year?Here is a great example of the power of distribution and the difference between 2 types of business Amazon & Walmart.(courtesy of webpagefx)

How can you experience a leveraged system?

Can you create a platform or business that can create passive income?